First Reaction to Rise of the Resistance

First Reaction to Rise of the Resistance

It's not often you get to experience an attraction for the very first time at Walt Disney World, or any park for that matter. The classic attractions are so ingrained into our culture and fandom that we can basically recite the ride spiels in our sleep. In fact, most cast members and ride ops probably do.

But today was a rare occasion. An occasion where no one knew what to expect. No one was reciting any speils or quotable memes. No one was stopping for an insta-glam shot at a famed wall. We were just an entire queue of fans waiting to let Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance wash over and dazzle us.

This isn't really a review of Rise or Galaxy's Edge, and you won't find any spoilers or photo accounts here. But I'll say this: I can't remember the last time I experienced an attraction that made such a personal impact. The high still hasn't worn off. Even several hours after having walked through the exit, I'm still thinking about what just happened. I've only experienced a handful of first-of-its-kind coasters and attractions before, but this one captured the art of narrative immersion and escapism better than anything that proceeded it.

I'm certain that in 5-10 years, I'll be looking back and giggling a bit about how fluffed up I am about this, and how primitive this tech is compared to what's to come. But I just felt compelled to write and document how I felt at this very moment.

Not everyone will have the same experience that I did. Everything in theme park fandom is entirely subjective and open to interpretation.

I feel Rise had a lot to live up to. It delivered. More Blue Milk anyone?

- Josh