Cedar Point x Made to Thrill

Cedar Point x Made to Thrill

I started creating work as "Made to Thrill" in 2015 as an additional creative outlet for myself. The subject matter derived from merchandise offerings at my favorite parks that didn't resonate with me. It wasn't a cash grab or some type of vanity exercise - I just made stuff that I wanted for myself.

A little over 5 years ago, the first piece I created was inspired by the Magnum at Cedar Point. It's a strange place to start considering Cedar Point isn't what I'd identify as my home park, but I still have fond memories of the coasters at Cedar Point. Mostly because of this NOVA special my brother and I recorded on VHS tape ages ago.

The next 3 prints I made after that were also tributes to Cedar Point coasters: Top Thrill Dragster, GateKeeper, and Raptor. Those 4 posters not only started my travel poster collection, but were the catalyst for all work that would eventually follow their release.

Today, I'm honored to share my latest collaborative release:

Made to Thrill x Cedar Point

Made to Thrill x Cedar Point Poster Collection

The collection includes 10 original, limited edition prints that I designed exclusively for Cedar Point. It features 8 of its record breaking coasters, and 2 posters paying tribute to the park’s 150 year legacy.

They're a fresh take on the travel poster series, complete with heavy retro-futuristic vibes rounded out with the use of Cedar Point’s throwback logo from the 80's & 90's. They still fit the signature Made to Thrill aesthetic of being "just retro enough to be awesome."

Each giclée print was hand signed and numbered, printed on our standard heavy-weight archival matte paper, and includes an acid-free archival print sleeve.

There is so much I'd like to share about this collab and what it means to me but for brevity sake, I'll try to quickly summarize.

Creating the theme park inspired artwork that I wanted for myself has forever been the cornerstone of Made to Thrill. It started with Sandusky, OH. 1989, and now I'm humbled to release a poster in collaboration with Cedar Point featuring Magnum XL-200. The art I created for myself because I couldn't find it in park gift shops, is now available for others to enjoy in park gift shops. With this release, it feels like Made to Thrill has come full circle.

To be honest, I don't think that was my goal when I started out, but as a designer and long-time coaster enthusiast, it feels pretty awesome to see that. I'm incredibly humbled to have a small part in Cedar Point's 150 year history and I hope fans of the park enjoy the art as much as I enjoyed creating it.

For purchase information, please check the official announcement about the release on the Cedar Point blog.