The Origin Story

I love theme parks.

The rides. The atmosphere. The food. The people. The lines – not so much.

But as much as I love about parks, I do have one big pet peeve: the mass-produced souvenirs that don’t do the parks the justice they deserve. I can never find “the perfect souvenir”.

So, I decided to create them myself.

I wanted to make something for myself that was unique and fit my style. I started with a t-shirt, then a few stickers, and finally a poster. Just my way of paying homage to my passion.

Proud of my work, I posted it on Instagram. To my complete amazement, I was blown away by the positive response people had to it. And even more so, humbled by the fact that people were asking how they could get one for themselves.

And Made to Thrill was born.

To this day, I personally hand make and deliver all my souvenirs as a way to pursue this self-sustaining hobby of mine.

It’s been quite a ride so far, and I hope it never ends. Shoot me a note if you want to talk parks or souvenirs or whatever. Want to be kept in the loop? Join the club for the lasts updates and newest gear.

Hope to see you in the queue,

Designer / Made to Thrill